Miramare Hotels



Our main principle is to meet the needs and expectations of our guests with a sense of continuous development and to carry the Miramare brand to the future as a strong and reliable organization. Our main responsibility is to ensure guest satisfaction in quality and service with our employees and to continuously improve our quality; guest satisfaction is our indispensable goal. Our basic goal is to be a company that contributes to the development and prosperity of societies, and that all individuals and organizations that are in contact with the industry trust, respect and want to work while progressing in line with the constantly developing conditions of our age.


Main goal of our hotel is to provide the best quality service by keeping the guest satisfaction at the highest level with all our employees. Miramare Hotels aiming to be one of the best facilities in the sector we are in; With its professional, successful and knowledgeable staff, by considering the best way to evaluate the holiday, we welcome the guests coming to our hotel to the best service standards and to carry the Miramare brand to the next years in a safe, health and environmentally friendly manner, adhering to the law and moral values. For this purpose; Giving importance to the training of our staff and ensuring its sensitivity Ensure legal requirements, improve the quality of working life Minimize the risks that will endanger the health and safety of our employees, guests, business partners and prevent occupational accidents. Continuously improve efficiency and quality in service Follow contemporary technology Apply the food safety system throughout the food chain Protect our natural resources We must follow up all guest complaints, resolve them and turn them all into satisfaction.

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