Miramare Hotels



At Miramare Queen Hotel, where aesthetics and elegance meet in harmony leave yourself to the clear waters of the Mediterranean and peaceful beaches,leave your skin to the pampering touch of the sun and your soul to the harmony of blue and green.You are invited to a world of your own where you will feel the elegant and comfortable Miramare touch in every detail of your holiday.


Miramare Queen accompanies you with its comfort in your adventure through its privileged services and the elegance you desire. Are you ready to accumulate memories that you won't forget in our rooms, which open to the blue of the Mediterranean?


Home to Miramare's unique experience and unique service, the Mediterranean, whose unique nature and generosity meet world-class tastes, It offers you unique tastes and services at world standards, which are specially prepared for you with naive touches and fine details, offering style and standards together. Feel the grace of eating in your soul!


While offering unique services, luxury and aesthetic details and pleasant moments to our guests who constitute Miramare's values,Miramare brings together unforgettable holiday experience with art and entertainment and blends pleasant moments where you can rest your soul with music and entertainment and decorate them with colorful alternatives.


You will experience luxury and quality with the style of Miramare Queen Hotel in the stunning view of Side's glamorous nature, adorned with vast blue, the unique touch of the sun and the exquisite feeling of the sea breeze on your skin, where the natural beauty that caresses the soul with the unique privilege of a luxurious accommodation find harmony in the beaches and pools that you are invited to a world that belongs to you.



Address: Ilıca Mah, 277. Sk. No:8, 07600 Manavgat/Antalya

Phone: +90 242 756 11 43

Fax: +90 242 756 11 54

E-mail: miramare@miramarehotels.com