Miramare Hotels



Miramare's delicacy, considers every detail to the finest level and combines it with professionalism to give you unforgettable moments. With world-famous night shows that add color to the calm of Mediterranean evenings and pleasant daytime activities accompanied by sunny, sweet breezes, you will add a new one to your unique moments and enjoy art and entertainment.


You will be fascinated by the enjoyable and unique shows prepared for you by the Miramare Hotels Entertainment team, where you will experience entertainment and visual feast with all its enthusiasm, while coloring your holiday. Unique moments are waiting for you in Miramare, where you will feel the enthusiasm and elegance on the stage, all whilst watching magnificent shows that will fill your evenings with art and aesthetics befitting of the atmosphere of the Mediterranean. You won't be able to take your eyes off the stage as you keep up with the rhythm of entertainment and music in your soul.


The effect of elegance and elegant designs on your soul, body and your entire self is met by a unique spa and massage experience. In an authentic and naive atmosphere, you will experience the renewal of your body and its reflection in your soul, accompanied by the healing power of nature, feeling the integral effect of massage therapies, spa treatments, traditional pouch and foam massages in the Turkish bath, special face and body treatments throughout your body.Experience the art in your entire self with spa therapy, where relaxing massages and treatments offer you unique experiences with natural and organic products.

Miramare Beach Hotel's exceptional service and hospitality are inspired by you and feeds on the desire to offer you fun and appreciated activities, refreshing relaxation therapies, healthy living opportunities and all the beauties that will nourish your soul,re-presents the definition of happiness to you with services full of grace.


We know the importance of maintaining healthy living standards and with the value we give to you, we offer you the opportunity to rediscover the dynamics of your body in order to continue your exercises and keep the fitness standards at the highest limits with the latest technology equipment. You can do team sports on private tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts in the clean atmosphere of the Mediterranean and enrich your holiday experience. Playing sports has never been more inspiring.


We pamper your inner child with the understanding of Miramare Beach Hotel that attaches importance to every detail. The Aquapark, where you will experience fun times as you get away from the summer heat of the Mediterranean to cool down. Bring a sense of adventure to your holiday. Miramare brings adults and children together in a common entertainment. Are you ready to collect unforgettable memories that your inner little child will say ``yes`` to unlimited fun?