Miramare Hotels



As you experience gourmet delicacies accompanied by the unique atmosphere of the Mediterranean, you will feel the breeze that evokes freedom, and the smell of peace to your nose, pass through elegant presentations and process into your soul. You are invited to a fantastic dinner where you will witness the magic touch of chefs who combine world flavours and sophisticated tastes in Miramare restaurants. They offer you quality tastes that you miss, cannot give up, have not experienced. You've never tasted better!

Gussto Main Restaurant

In the focus of Miramare elegance, you will pamper yourself with gourmet delicacies accompanied by a perfect view. We make you feel special with the fabulous presentations that will make you feel unique in every moment you experience in Gusto Main Restaurant, which brings out extraordinary tastes from traditional world flavors. Imagine and live it in Miramare!



You will want to re-experience every taste in A'la Carte Restaurants, which offer our tasteful guests plain flavors in harmony with elegant diversity and perfect contrast. The extraordinary harmony of the Mediterranean and the Aegean, which harmoniously combines Italian colors that bring irresistible flavors together with a sweet summer breeze, combine with impressive presentations, specially prepared for you by the gourmet chefs of Miramare.


The unique charm of the Mediterranean evenings, where the sweet breeze blowing accompanied by the seashore will be blended with exquisite food scents, will turn into a fascinating ceremony with the elegant and authentic design of A'la Carte Restaurants. You deserve this unique experience!

Olive A'la Carte

Mediterranean and Aegean specialties under the stars ,sprinkled in the darkness of night. You will be immersed in the lap of nature, a few steps from the sea, with a fantastic dream feeling accompanied by a salty sea breeze. Olive A'la Carte Restaurant, which is the harmony of the Mediterranean and Aegean with its unique atmosphere invites you to feel the rhythm of the flavor with its fresh appetizers, starters and fish.

Sole Mare A'la Carte

Sole Mare A’la Carte restaurant, which reflects the perfect harmony of luxury designs with elegant presentations and combines elegance with a first-class culinary experience, leaves unforgettable tastes in your soul and palate with its rich menu. Inspired by the generous atmosphere of the Mediterranean, you will feel your privilege in all your selves and experience the professionalism of Miramare, which exceeds those standards.



The Mediterranean landscape, a natural work of art that extends to blue and takes colors from the rare beauty of nature, makes your moments indispensable with refreshing and delicious drinks offered with a generous touch of Miramare. The marvelous meeting of the extraordinary Miramare Beach Hotel combine aesthetics with the power of the awe-inspiring nature and offers fascinating moments matched with both flavor and service to surpass any conventional experience.

Cafe Del Mar

Enjoy nature and all the privileges that Miramare offers you, accompanied by the sparkling touches of the summer sun sprinkled with nature left to the Miramare pools. You can make your perfect moments more enjoyable with delicious food and drinks prepared for you, and witness the gourmet flavors presenting rhythms to every detail of your holiday. While you are relaxing under the naivety of the stars on the deck of aesthetics, let the classic evening cocktails turn into a unique moment.

Sunset Bar

The Sunset Bar, is inspired by modern interpretations, designed with comfort in mind through attractive Miramare designs. It offers delicious drinks and elegant hospitality. It invites you to perfect moments where intimacy, elegance and complete tastes meet. You can turn moments where style and elegance are blended with professionalism at the center of taste, into a lavish experience in the comfort of a lobby and terrace which resembles a gallery with extraordinary artistry.

Kumm Beach Bar

You can hear the sweet breeze that carries happiness from the vast infinity of the horizon line to your fingertips. The sun's peaceful feeling surrounds your skin and the glittering reflection in the blue waters of the Mediterranean caress your soul. You can experience the hot and cold flavors offered by nature and Miramare in a unique cooperation, taste the elegant flavors of Kumm Beach Bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and crown the unique flavors. Let your dream holiday turn into unforgettable times with delights beyond dreams and Miramare elegance.

Dolce Patisserie

Dolce Patisserie, where indispensable flavors created by fine touches are presented to your taste buds in Miramare style with naive presentations, fresh and various flavors maintain a brand new rhythm with coffee, accompanies the happiness of gourmet desserts and salties scattered in the mouth. While witnessing the transformation of your sweet memories into indispensable flavors with mövenpick ice cream options, your soul will taste your privilege. The rhythm of taste has never been played to your ears more aesthetically.