Miramare Hotels



As soon as you step into Miramare Beach Hotel, you can feel the magic of the holiday, capture the unpleasant texture of happiness at your fingertips in the shining sun of the Mediterranean and unique seasons, and in the beaches and pools where blue and green embrace each other, a life full of time-stopping experiences awaits you!


A whole blue with the combination of Sky and sea on the horizon, the golden color of the sun and sand that make each other Jealous will offer you peace. Your footprints in the sand will inspire you on your walks under palm trees, worthy of Side's historical texture, along the way to blue. As you take a peaceful walk accompanied by the rustling of palm trees, which turn into a symphony with the sweet breeze of the season, the whisper of trees will take you to the naive texture of the grains of sand. In a fantastic presentation of the sun and unique blues,while sipping your drink on comfortable sunbeds stretching along the beach, you will let the sun feel your skin and never doubt that you are in that perfect moment where you belong.


Accompanied by the magical atmosphere of Side and the artistic touches of Miramare, you will feel renewed in the freshness of the deep blue clear water that reaches your whole self. You can sunbathe in the generosity of the Mediterranean sun, relax your soul in the shade of palm trees offering impressive views, and experience the magical beauty of your holiday with food and drinks. You can witness the fun of your children in the pool designed for our little guests, while enjoying the wonderful moments in our pools that offer the shades of blue and green in an aesthetic balance. You can relax your soul as well as your body with the jacuzzi and massage service in Miramare's indoor pool. You will experience the comfort, spaciousness, nature and eye-catching blue. You will never want it to end.


Miramare's professional team with pedagogical education cares about the values of our little and young guests and offers them fun and sincere moments within their own world. With the awareness that our little values will have big returns, Miraland offers individual and group activities, playstation and games that go beyond the boundaries of imagination with educational and instructive activities. Your mind will never remain in Miraland as we open the doors of their own world, where our little and young guests will feel that they are individuals. The Mini Club is available for the 04-12 age group and the Teenage Club is available for the 12-16 age group between 10:00-12:00 and 15:00-17:00. Inspired by our young people in the lead role of entertainment and energy our mini disco invites our young people to have fun every day at 20:30.

TV & Game

Miramare offers you pleasant moments with its TV and Game rooms. Here you can follow the world's agenda, access news and pleasant content, play games, spend time in decent and comfortable seats.


When you come to the end of your unique holiday that you do not want to end, Miramare, provides you with Comfortzone. Enjoy yourself from check-out to flight time, in the comfort of a luxurious room, always keeps your values a priority.


You can find all your needs such as photo, hairdresser; watch, silver, jewelry, bags, boutique and grocery products, in the stores next to you. We also offer health care services under the supervision of doctors and nurses. All of this, without taking a step away from Miramare.