Miramare Hotels



You will experience luxury and quality with the style of Miramare Queen Hotel in the stunning view of Side's glamorous nature, adorned with vast blue, the unique touch of the sun and the exquisite feeling of the sea breeze on your skin, where the natural beauty that caresses the soul with the unique privilege of a luxurious accommodation find harmony in the beaches and pools that you are invited to a world that belongs to you.


In Miramare, which offers you the dizzying nature of side, where the sun inspires blue, giving you a dreamlike match, you will be able to feel the relaxing energy of the beach on your skin, listen to the musical wind accompanied by the leaves of palm trees, and find yourself cleansing on a journey that stretches to blue under the trees. With the energy of the sun heating your skin, you can leave yourself in unique clarity accompanied by the softness of the wind, which brings light touches from peaceful blueness, and you can feel your soul renewed. At Miramare Queen, where the perfect came to life, you will never forget a life full of unique experiences.


While the glitters of the sun reflected in the deep blue clear waters offer a modern gift to nature,You will feel the peace in company with natural reflections of nature. The touch of the wind and the rustle of palm trees will ring in your ears, you will leave your body in a refreshing blue. You can accompany your children's pleasant moments in the children's pool designed for our little guests, You can pamper yourself in the jacuzzi in our indoor pool, with a massage service that will complement your unique experience, you can relax your soul along with your body. In Miramare Queen Hotel, which gives you unique moments, all the details you will feel your privilege will penetrate your soul.

Mini Club

Miramare's professional team with pedagogical training offers our little guests educational and educational activities with fun and loving moments. Mini Club values the imaginations of the little members of your family and offers a colorful living space of their own during their pleasant holidays. We know our little values will have big returns, we want Miramare delicacy to touch the lives of all members of your family as much as you. Your mind will never stay in the Mini Club while offering our little guests a world of their own where they will feel that they are individuals

TV & Game

In Miramare, where you can browse magazines and newspapers, access news and enjoyable content, play games, you can take your holiday experience to the top in Miramare.


Miramare comfort and service is with you whenever you need it! Market, Watch & silver and jewelry, bag and boutique products, photography, hairdresser and health services are offered to you in the stores next to you.