Miramare Hotels



While offering unique services, luxury and aesthetic details and pleasant moments to our guests who constitute Miramare's values,Miramare brings together unforgettable holiday experience with art and entertainment and blends pleasant moments where you can rest your soul with music and entertainment and decorate them with colorful alternatives.


Miramare Hotels entertainment team, which brings you to the peaks of entertainment with visual feasts reflecting the splendor of the Mediterranean, invites you to enthusiastic shows and colorful shows in your unforgettable holiday experience.In Miramare evenings, where fascinating shows are presented to you on stage with art and aesthetics, while feeling the breeze of the season in your soul, you will be enthusiastically enchanted by the rhythm of music in your soul and you will be literally fascinated by the unique beauty of magnificent shows.


In the focus of naturalness, the elegant Miramare Touch offers natural comfort to your soul, body and mind, calling you to a unique experience. The endless energy of the sun and blue blends with natural therapies and invites you to the complementary effect of spa, massage treatments, traditional foam massages in the Turkish bath. Special face and body treatments and takes your soul to the peaceful sound of nature. You will experience the healing power of nature and equip yourself with the peace of natural and organic products in therapies where your soul is processed like art.

Miramare Queen Hotel is inspired by you while offering experiences beyond the standards with its unmatched service and elegant hospitality, We wish to offer you relaxing therapies that revitalize your soul and renew your body, healthy life opportunities, enjoyable activities that bring fun to the peaks and all the beauties that make your holiday unique.


With the privilege of Miramare, you can relax your mind and let your soul nourish while feeling your body in the fitness center, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, where you can exercise opportunities even during your holiday with the latest technology equipment designed for your comfort and health, where you can raise the fitness standards to the highest level according to the rhythm of your body. Feel the importance Miramare attaches to your healthy life and crown your holiday experience with perfect events!


Our Aquapark offers you pleasant moments, where you can leave yourself to a cool respite from the Mediterranean heat. Bring a colorful experience to your holiday to pamper your inner child in our understanding that attaches importance to every detail. Miramare, brings adults and children together in a common fun, are you ready to accumulate happy memories of each other, where the little child inside you will say ‘yes’ to unlimited fun? It is open every day between 10:00 and 12:00 / 14:00 and 16:30.