• Our corporate citizenship approach is in a proactive approach that focuses on efficiency and develops preventive approaches by identifying risks in advance.

  • In order to ensure sustainable tourism while operating our hotel, we see it as a reflection of our respect for the world, the environment, humanity, future generations and ourselves, contributing to the development of both the environment and our employees and the society we are in, using the limited resources in the most efficient way, while using all kinds of resources.

  • As one of the strongest members of the Turkish tourism world with its corporate culture, we support a wide range of social sharing projects every year within the awareness of corporate citizenship, we continue our efforts to improve the quality of life of the society we live in, to fulfill our responsibilities towards our employees and their families, local people and other stakeholders. .

  • In the tourism sector, we mainly provide important services in the fields of education, culture, arts and environment.

  • Contributing to the society, not thinking our own development independently from the development of the society constitutes our basic philosophy. We take care that the projects we support in order to create sustainable impacts with our work are long-term, socially beneficial and permanent.

  • We work in cooperation with non-governmental organizations related to our business, local and national tourism and sustainable environment, increasing their membership and relations.

  • As much as possible in our business, we contribute to both employment and the local economy by providing employment from those living in the regions where the facility is located and choosing locally produced products.

  • Our colleagues Republic of Turkey, Law, Laws, Rules, Regulations and Notices under employee rights and without discrimination among our employees each complaint suggestions and requests, providing training related to increasing the etiquette and professional skills we provide to increase their personal and professional development.

  • We train our staff on alcohol, cigarette, substance abuse and anti-corruption issues, and we are aware of these issues, and we include non-alcohol and drug-addicted personnel for recruitment. By increasing the non-smoking areas in our facilities, we increase the smoke-free airspace for both our guests and our employees.


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