• To increase the motivation of our employees and to continue their work within the “TEAM SPIRIT” by creating an environment of love, respect and peace in the business,

  • Total Quality Management System (Quality, Food, Environment and Occupational Safety) To increase the importance given to the environment, to ensure occupational safety, to ensure food safety and to be adopted by our employees and competent authorities by providing continuous training on quality management systems, contributing to the production of new projects by collaborating with local governments. we found. It is very important for us to raise awareness and protect our close environment and to ensure that the companies we work with approach with the same sensitivity,

  • Total Quality Management System (Quality, Food, Environment and Occupational Safety) Guest requests, In accordance with national and international regulations and conditions; to provide service by showing the necessary sensitivity with a preventive approach,

  • To ensure the awareness of the local community about tourism and to be accessible to the public in accordance with their requests and suggestions, in cooperation with the service, personnel, senior management, local administrations and local people. Ensuring the sustainability of tourism in the region by offering local cultures to the guests and directing them to the historical and cultural activities in the region are among our activities,

  • By protecting and improving the Total Quality Management System (Quality, Environment, Food and Safety) and controlling its effects, we eliminate and / or dispose of our non-recyclable wastes in a way that will not harm the environment, and we will work to minimize resource use. We reduce our consumption of electricity, water, chemical waste, etc. a little more each year, and protect and improve the biodiversity and living creatures in the facility. We keep our risk analysis up to date to minimize food safety and occupational accidents and occupational diseases. By providing training to our personnel, we are constantly aware of our total quality performance by controlling the effects of quality food, environment and occupational safety from our activities in order to be aware of individual Food safety, Occupational Safety, Environmental Safety, and to create a healthier and safer environment for future generations, humanity and sustainable tourism movement. we develop.

  • Continuously improving the effectiveness of Integrated Quality Management systems (Quality, Food, Environment and Occupational Safety), making the objectives measurable, documenting, implementing them, linking the results, setting targets for the continuous improvement of the system related to the services provided and conveying them in each department as top management. We ensure the continuity of our total quality management systems by constantly reviewing compliance and ensuring understanding.


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