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Miramare Hotels

Miramare Hotels, designed with elegant style and luxury, offer you a unique service, charming scenery and an inspiring experience. Feel freedom in your soul as you immerse yourself in the generous nature of the Mediterranean and the elegant hospitality of Miramare hotels. Experience the fascinating atmosphere of the Mediterranean in a world of your own with the touch of Miramare.


Discover Unique Opportunities For You

You can examine the special opportunities we offer you to experience a privileged holiday by experiencing the unique facilities and services of Miramare Hotels in the aesthetics of the eye-catching blue and lush nature of the Mediterranean. We offer you extraordinary privileges with this unique experience inspired by you

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Hygiene and Health

Since our foundation guest satisfaction is our priority. We have now improved our hygiene, safety and service standards against the Covid 19 pandemic and other pandemics that may arise in the future. We would like to inform our guests that we have summarized these standards under the name



Designed with elegant and stylish details, Miramare Hotels combine the comfort you desire with privileged services. Inspired by the Mediterranean, which perfectly combines blue and green, it offers you a world of your own. You are invited to accumulate memories that you will not forget in our rooms, which open to the blue of the Mediterranean!


Size: 30m²

2+1 or Max 3 Adults

Indulge yourself in our elegant hospitality within our exclusive suites, designed with aesthetic touches, where elegance and quality meet. Enjoy modern amenities and unique experiences with Miramare privilege.


Size: 35m²

Max 3+1

Feel your privilege in our superior rooms, a generous representation of modernity designed to unique standards. Discover the side of the Mediterranean that you have never experienced before with the elite touch of Miramare Superior.


Size: 30m²

2+1 or Max 3 Adults

We are inspired by the generosity of nature, and we have designed a comfortable living space for you, one step away from the unique harmony of green and blue. In order to make your special memories more meaningful, the Superior Garden is architected with natural touches and invites you to the elegance of the unique side naturalness.


Size: 35m²

Max 3+1

Our Junior Suites, where classic lines meet with elegance, offer intimate comfort with unique fine details while making standards special for you. Let aesthetics, luxury, style and extraordinary experiences make your holiday meaningful.


Alan: 30m2

2+1 veya Maks. 3 Yetişkin

Featuring designs that praise the natural heritage of the Mediterranean, Miramare King Suite offers you more than a holiday with its inspiring, spacious and soothing design. You are invited to an extraordinary experience where you can rest your soul in the perfect balance of glory, simplicity and luxury.


Alan: 35m2

3+1 Kişi

The peace of nature that relaxes your soul, while the vast invitability of blue accompanies your most special moments, the exclusive living space we offer you with endless privileges invites you to the focus of elegance. Waves shining in the daytime with all their fascination, the sparkle reflected in the night and you at the center of every special moment! Get used to being pampered and discover a holiday experience that will ensure you don’t settle for less.